Our Vision

A leading School  locally and internationally in the fields of social and human sciences

         Our Mission

Providing distinguished educational services that satisfy the beneficiaries contributes to the building and development of society within the framework of ethical values and quality standards.

           Our Values

Autonomy Self-Directed Lifelong Learning Teamwork Spirit Partnerships Innovation.

             Our Principles

Good governance Justice & equity Credibility Transparency and integrity Academic integrity.

Quality Assurance is one of the most important issues that gives great attention. This attention is based on the great value of the concepts of quality assurance and their reflection on the improvement and development of the educational process at the School.
From this standpoint, the Quality Assurance Unit at the School performs many tasks such as: planning, implementing, evaluating, and improving the educational process. That means it starts from the educational buildings, libraries, books, programs specifications, course specifications, teaching and learning methods, evaluation methods, the educational platform (Moodle), educational technology, measuring stakeholders’ satisfaction on the educational services provided by the School.
The Quality Assurance Unit is also concerned with preparing technical and statistical reports on its  programs at the end of each semester, and taking all needed corrective actions based on the results emerging from the reports.
The Quality Assurance Unit is also interested in evaluating the methods of exams designing, reviewing the success and failure rates in all academic courses, and extracting some conclusions that can be used to improve and develop educational performance of the School.
The Quality Assurance Unit also pays more interest to spreading the relevant educational awareness on quality assurance among the School’s members, staff, tutors, and students.
Last but not least, the Quality Assurance Unit also attaches special importance to the readiness of its academic departments regarding the institutional and programs accreditation by the Quality Assurance Center in Libya, and other accreditation institutions in the world.

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