This course serves as an overview of the scientific principles of nursing and the individual as a holistic adaptive system. The concepts and content threads of the nursing process, basic needs, adaptation, nutrition and diet therapy, communication, nursing roles, developmental stages, pharmacology, and math dosage calculation are introduced. It also addresses the responsibilities of the graduate nurse within the health care system.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this course will be delivered online. Hence face-to-face meetings are not mandatory unless otherwise stated. All lectures and students' discussions are conducted via the Zoom Platform. This course has an assigned textbook. In addition, each week students will have required readings that will be available on the course website. Additional course materials, such as the syllabus, lecture slides, and optional readings will also be available. This course makes use of case-based classroom discussions, on-the-spot problem solving, guest lecturers, assignments, presentations, and assessments.