Course Code: 7043

Instructor: Dr. Sabri Elkrghli


Brand Management is a key course for Marketing Department. This course adopts Team-based learning approach (TBL) in teaching, and focuses mainly on essential topics that help students to have a good understanding of branding theories, and practice in developing and developed countries. This, in turn, will allow students to be able to understand, discuss, and resolve real-world branding problems with the focus being placed on the Libyan branding practices.

This course aims to shed more lights on the meaning of branding affairs such as: definitions, theories, importance, characteristics of good brands, costs and returns of brands, national and international brands, brand equity, brand performance measurement, etc. 

The teaching methods planned for this course will be focused on inside class activities such as: case analysis, interactive exercises, and assignments. Other accompanying requirements / tools will be used such as field-work projects, presentations and tests.