About the Faculty:

 The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences is one of the main faculties at the Libyan International Medical University and is the first college of applied sciences to be established in Libya. The Faculty was established in 2007 and was initially named "Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences", and in 2020 it was changed to "Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences", where the fields of scientific specialties were expanded in the college in order to meet society's needs of qualified medical personnel.

Faculty Vision:

Our vision at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences is to achieve international quality standards in education, meet society’s needs in the healthcare professions, and enrich scientific research.

Faculty Mission:

To be committed in preparing graduates with appropriate knowledge, skills, and the profession attitudes, that will enable them to:

1.Practice the profession in the fields of education and different healthcare.

2.Face and solve different educational and research problems using the problem-solving skills that have been acquired studying in the faculty.

3.Application of Life-Long Learning Principle.

4.To meet the needs of the community in many educational and research areas.

Faculty Goals:

Due to the advancement in science and technology, and because the traditional treatment and diagnosis methods are no longer sufficient. Therefore, there exists a need to develop and update established specialization in the country and develop new specializations. This will help produce competent graduates that are qualified to work in the the healthcare system and are up-to-date with the scientific developments in relevant areas, which will contribute to the development of healthcare services which benefit the community.

المستودع الرقمي 

يستخدم الكلية والطلاب المستودع الرقمي لتخزين وعرض وحماية أعمالهم  

وأبحاثهم ودراساتهم العلمية 

حتي يتوفر استخدامها  في جميع أنحاء العالم

 فوائد هذه الخدمة أنها تمنح خيارات التخزين و العرض والتداول للأعمال العليمة في

بيئة وموثوق بها وآمنة




تم إنشاء هذا الرابط لتحقيق التواصل الفعال بين أعضاء فريق العمل بالكلية ولتيسير تنفيذ العملية التعليمية عن بعد...