Block of General Basic Medical Sciences, duration of this block is 14 weeks with 8 ECTS.

During this block student will study the basics and the medical concepts of Biochemistry, Histology , Physiology , Microbiology , Anatomy ,Embryology , Parasitology , Pharmacology and Pathology based on PBL system

In this block the student will learn the basics of the medical education, in chemistry, physics and biology (this includes cytology, basic tissues and cytogenetic). The block runs for 8 weeks.

This course provides the first chance of contact between students and advanced dummies. It will also start the construction of proper doctor-patient relationship. This relationship is crucial for the future doctors, and its proper building is highly warranted. The course runs through the whole academic year and the skills taught will be associated with the theme of the Study Block at the time

This course exposes the students to selected ethical issues in the medical profession. It covers prominent ethical topics and new medical ethics issues that appeared with recent development in medicine. The course includes careful examination of the philosophical theories of ethics, which have guided medical ethics since its inception.