Course Code: 7035

Instructor: Mr. Seraj Alagori


Management of Medical Institutions is one of the main subjects in business administration colleges, especially Healthcare Management Schools. This course adopts the case-based learning approach (CBL) in teaching and focuses mainly on essential topics that help students to have a good understanding of medical institutions Management in developed, developing and transitional countries. This, in turn, will allow students to be able to understand, discuss, and resolve real-world healthcare management problems with the focus being placed on the Libyan medical care industry.

This course will review all management themes and their applications in medical institutions' such as terminologies, planning, and organizing of healthcare institutions, HRM and controlling, performance assessment, quality management, purchasing and storage management, operation management, organizational behavior, marketing management, finance, entrepreneurship, accounting, management information systems.  Real-world and case scenarios will be used as key teaching tools in this course.

Course Code: 7014

Instructor: Dr. Mohammed Benseleem


This course of Commercial Law seeks to provide the student of business administration the relation between the civil law and commercial law, beginning with a general overview of the sources and the nature of the Libyan commercial law is also made a subject of inquiry as a means of deciphering the specific content of law. Moreover, this course focuses on the foundation basis of the elements and obligation of merchant, to avoid wrong career choices due to no legal background. Additionally, it allows students to develop an ideology that is specific to them in legal practice, making them aware of commercial information, such as sale of goods and law of contracts. Lastly, this course will guide students to a high legal knowledge to avoid any commercial obstacles, and understanding the legal principles of company law and classification of companies.

Course Code: 7BA367

Instructor: Dr. Randa Boker


This course explores issues about nature and techniques of critical thought viewed as a way to establish a reliable basis for our claims, beliefs, and attitudes about the world. We explore multiple perspectives, placing established facts, theories, and practices in tension with alternatives to see how could be otherwise. Views about observation and interpretation, reasoning, and inference, valuing and judging, and the production of knowledge in its social context is considered. Special attention is given to translating what is learned into strategies, materials, and interventions for use in students' own educational and professional settings. The course will be taught according to the TBL learning strategy. Students will be working in small groups as a PBL strategy.