Course Code: 71217 

Different stakeholders, from investors, to policy-makers and public regulators depend on precise numerical records of a firm’s financial transactions to make informed business decisions. The module Principles of Financial Accounting aims to help students develop the skills necessary to prepare financial statements and evaluate an enterprise’s financial position, operational standing, and financing activities. By practicing problems in the classroom students advance those numerical analysis capabilities necessary for employment in the accounting and the financial sectors.  

Course Code: 71216

This course sheds light on the marketing concept and its role in different types of business organizations. The historical development of the marketing concept, the simple and complex marketing systems, the internal and external marketing environment and their effects are discussed. Towards the end of the course, market demand, market segmentation, marketing mix of industrial and service organisation, are addressed. Students considering a career in marketing, whether in public relations (PR), market research, brand management or sales strategy will especially benefit from this course. 

Course Code: 71215

This module provides an introduction to quantitative techniques and their application to business economics. Topics covered include descriptive statistics, probability, sampling, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, elementary correlation and regression analysis. Students on the Statistics for Business module have the opportunity to employ these different statistics as they are familiarised with statistical software packages.

Course Code: 71210

Business English is a mixture of general everyday English and English for specific purpose. It is not limited to words and phrases that only appear in some special business world. However, business people do a variety of things with language; they socialize, predict, analyze, negotiate, buy, write, persuade, compromise, telephone, market, sell, produce, interview, travel, plan, investigate, deal advertise… and so forth. These are done in a specific business context and for business aims. In this respect, the course will feature new authentic texts and reflect the latest trends in the business world in order for the learners to master the vocabulary items related to these different situations and topics. 


أهداف المقرّر تنمية معلومات الطالب بأبرز قواعد اللغة العربية  و معرفة شروط الكتابة العلمية, وإدواتها وأساليبها مع معرفة بنية النص الكتابي, وطريقة فهمه وصياغته.