About the faculty

The faculty of medicine is one of the faculties of the Libyan international university and the study is stage of higher education ,the objectives of the college are to provide the country with doctors who are able to provide health care and medical services to the patient as well as carrying out research and medical studies that contribute to the development of health services in Libya and contribute to raising the level of health professional development and continuing medical education as well as the strengthening of scientific  links with colleges university and similar bodies in the world and open door to the community to interact with  him in the dissemination of knowledge and health awareness and participation in multiple activities and contribute support a number of them through their scientific cadres their own  potential.

Vision of faculty

The college should be at the forefront of human medicine colleges according to in international quality standards and applying the latest teaching and learning strategies

Mission of the faculty

1.provide distinguished educational program that enables graduates to perform their function professionally in the fields of clinical work or community health or in clinical research and medical education   

2.Graduates doctors with the ability to deal with changing need and possess the skills of scientific research and mechanisms of lifelong learning with a sense of their moral commitment to their local, regional and humanitarian environment  and known ledge legal rights of their patient

3.Graduates qualified doctors in all medical specialties

4.contribute to the establishment of a family doctor’s system in line with international standards and the community basis for medical education and future need and the rules governing educational health facilities. 

5.continuing evaluation of the educational program and benefiting from the evaluation result in the development of curricula, courses and support services, and the evaluation of teaching staff members

6. adopting and implementing a quality system that meets standards   approved by the university

7.promotion of the scientific research